The Territory

As soon as you set foot in this corner of Tuscany you can feel its hospitality. Land of Etruscans, its founders, who introduced the vine.

The Conte di Toscana wines are born from a variety of climate, landscape and ground. The different vineyards are characterized by different soils and microclimates, unique in the their particularity. Our Sangiovese, Merlot and Syrah are born from this extraordinary variety.

This set of variations and terrains create a precious asset to pass on to future generations, because the union vine-soil is an essential element of the history and of the future of Conte di Toscana.


The enhancement of our vines is the constant of a work that gives a meaning to the word tradition.

A set of gestures and experiences handed down by our grandparents who meet with modern viticulture.

Result of a unique union of land and vine, the Conte di Toscana wines express the particularity of the terroir, landscapes, scents, sounds of this corner of Tuscany, reviving history and tradition.